Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wanna hear what happened to me yesterday?

Okay, I had to work late, which was fine. When I got in my car though, my arm started to hurt- just below my elbow, near the crease in my arm. It started to get red and swollen, and the pain felt like the worst part of a shot- you know, right when the medicine goes in, but it didn't just hurt and hurt and got more swollen..then I had what looked like little blisters inside of the big red swollen section; did I mention in HURT? I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital. I was looking at my other arm waiting to see if anything was going to pop up over there. Driving was very difficult. I concluded that I would go to urgent care because the ER is too expensive and takes 583746 hours to get treated. When I was halfway to the urgent care near my house, the pain started to diminish- a little, so I decided to go home first and check with my doctor...Dr. Google. Turns out, I was stung by a catterpillar...not just any caterpillar, a ninja caterpillar. I didn't even see it. I'm sure it still would've hurt like crazy, but I wouldn't have gone into panic mode thinking I had the swine flu or something worse. After a trip to the pharmacy for benadryl and cortisone, I was set. I got all delirious and passed out by 8:30 from the benadryl (yes, I'm a lightweight). Today, it just feels like a really bad bruise. Have you ever been stung by a caterpillar? Did you know that some of them actually sting?
In honor of my ninja caterpillar, one of my buddies on made this awesome drawing that had me laughing so hard in my benadryl stupor last night.


Jeremy and Mindy said...

gosh, i never knew a caterpillar could sting! wow...ouch! glad your feeling better!

One Pork Chop said...

Ick! I don't know what's worse - the pain from the caterpillar sting or the fact that a caterpillar stung you!

Glad you're feeling better now!

Knock On Wood said...

I didn't know that could happen!! crazy! I pph dr. google. saves me lots of co-pays.