Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Give me a simple answer, please.

I love doing research. Before I was even engaged, I spent time planning my wedding- figuring out what I liked, what was cost effective, etc. When I got pregnant, oh, man, the hours I spent online and in books reading about various birth techniques, experiences, etc. I learned that I preferred to try to have a med free birth when before I got pregnant, I was saying I wanted an epidural before I left the house. I also read up on child rearing and vaccinations. I decided to do the Dr. Sears "alternative" vaccine schedule, which gets Kadence fully immunized, but at a slower pace. Since she's been born, I've spent countless hours reading up on, purchasing, and talking about cloth diapers because it's best for our family (cheaper) and the environment..not to mention, they're so stinkin' cute. After all the research I do, I feel more informed and able to make decisions (big or small) that are best for my family. Well, after accidentally learning (meaning, I wasn't doing research) more about vaccines, I am overwhelmed with information- conflicting information, and I cannot figure out what I think is best for Kadence. Most people generally believe that vaccines are safe and effective, and any potential side effect of the vaccine is not as bad as the disease, but is that true? I'm still trying to figure that out. Kadence has had a few vaccines already, and thank God, she has been fine, but will she suffer later on? How "immune" is she from the diseases or illnesses that she's vaccinated against? Some information I've read says that when there is an outbreak of a disease, say measles, more than half the people who catch it are fully why should I risk her having a reaction to the vaccine if it may not even work? Oh, man, and I don't even want to get started on the ingredients- animal byproducts----some ingredients come from aborted babies!!!! Is it ethical to put these "ingredients" into my child if I am pro-life? I am only scratching the surface right now of the wealth of information out there. I will read pro and anti vaccine literature, and make the decision on which vaccines we will still get, and which ones we will forgo. I just really wish there was a simpler answer; Oh, wait, there is: "Stop reading up on stuff and trust your pediatrician." Sorry, that's not like me. Off to do more research!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

What happened to my baby?

My sweet little newborn baby..the one who loved being rocked to sleep and always wanted to nurse has been replaced. I have a "little big girl" now. She can hold her head up so well, that it's not an accomplishment anymore, it's just what she does. She learns things too. You know that thing where you say Ahhhhhhhhhhh, and pat your hand over your mouth? She can do that! Well, you have to pat your hand over her mouth, but she knows when you do that to say Ahhhhh. It's sooooooo cute. She also learned how to hit the buttons on her exersaucer to make the music come on. The fact that she's in her exersaucer is huge too! Since she turned 4 months old, she has just hit one milestone after the other. It's amazing to see her grow and develop and learn..right before our eyes. What else? Oh, she doesn't hate tummy time anymore. She holds herself up very well and just looks around and laughs. There's been one little drawback to her growing up though; she now knows when someone else is holding her, and she usually starts crying until her daddy or I take her back. That's not a good thing, but we secretly like it, hehe.

Everyone tells you how fast the time goes, and to cherish every moment. It's so true! We try our best to cherish this time, because I know that we are going to blink and she is going to be blogging about her child! Well, she'll be doing whatever they'll do 25 or so years from now to record her thoughts; blogging may be a thing of the past by then! Yikes!