Thursday, January 22, 2009

Caffine high??

I hardly ever have any caffine, and when I do, it's a sip of coke here and there or some chocolate. Today, however, I had a coke AND an excedrin for this awful headache I had. There was nothing else I could take. Now, my headache is gone and my mind is running a thousand miles a minute. I thought typing a blog would be good exercise for my brain, and maybe it will slow down when I'm done. If you ever need to take a typing test, have a red bull or something before, I'm typing MUCH faster than normal...I am, however, hitting backspace a lot to correct spelling mistakes. I remember typing in high school, you couldn't use backspace. I did okay, but quite often I'd print out papers thatl ooked likke this.. Haha. Yep, this is definitely a caffine high. I hope I don't crash when I'm home spending time with K. That would suck. It would be ideal if I would "come down" after she's asleep and I get a bath. I'm so embarrassed. I'm wearing a hoodie (a ski cap, whatever you call them) today becuase I fell asleep early last night and woke up late this morning, sooooooo, I didn't get to wash my hair!! Good thing it's somewhat cold outside. The weather here is crazy. Snowing one day, in the 70s less than a week later. Aaaaaaaaaand, I think I'm calmer now. My heartrate seems to be back to a normal level, and my typing has slowed down dramatically. Okay, then. I guess I'm done here. :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

First night out: FAIL

Sooooo, I'm typing from my cell phone. I'm at the Celine Dion concert...alone. Well, I'm kind of alone. I came here with my 2 sisters in law. our seats were at the VERY top of the arena. I mean the very very top. On our way up the 20 million steps, I started feeling nervous. by the time we reached our seats, I was on my way to a full blown panic attack. at least I think that's what it was, I've never had one of those before. While I don't plan on skydiving, I've never been scared of heights. EVER. I have no idea why I am now. Is it my age? The baby? I mean, it was so irrational...I wasn't even scared of falling. I was just freaked out being up there. I was even scared to walk down the stairs. My SIL (sister in law) had to walk down in front of me, and I held onto the railing for dear life. Now, here I am alone, albeit with better seats than SILs. ha! But its no fun being...sing with me and Celine..."all by myself". The show itself has been more entertaining than I expected though. okay, its either over or intermission now. either way, I guess I should be done typing.