Thursday, July 30, 2009

Revisiting weight loss

I posted my weight on here a while ago, in an attempt to motivate myself to lose. Well, that didn't work, haha. A month or so later, I joined weight watchers. After almost 2 months, with a 2-3 week break in the middle, I am now 8 pounds lighter and 1 (almost 2) pants sizes smaller! I'm chuckling because I'm munching on chocolate cookies as I type. That's the beauty of weight watchers- you don't have to give up everything you love. I could go on and on about how awesome weight watchers is- but they don't pay me, haha. I will say, if you are looking to lose weight, eat healthier while still enjoying cookies now and then, give weight watchers a shot! :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Things I love

My friend Natalie wrote a blog about all the things she loved, and I told her I was going to steal her idea...I couldn't make myself I liar!! Here are a few things I love- in no particular order:

  1. Sleeping in
  2. Candles
  3. Jesus
  4. My job
  5. Luis
  6. Kadence
  7. Song lyrics
  8. Dancing with K and Luis to YouTube videos
  9. Vacation days
  10. God's amazing grace
  11. New friends
  12. Sales
  13. Faith Day
  14. Kind strangers
  15. My awesomely crazy family
  16. Getting cards in the mail
  17. Being a mother
  18. Publix Subs
  19. Brownie Batter
  20. Pedicures
  21. Cloth diapers
  22. Baby laughs (not the book...actual babies laughing)
  23. Taking pictures
  24. Lunch dates with Luis and Kadence
  25. Reading blogs
  26. My palm centro
  27. The Nest
  28. Planning (, weddings, parties...I'm a planner)
  29. Rocking Kadence to sleep
  30. Sharing things I love with people I love
  31. Funny YouTube videos
  32. Seeing new places
  33. CS Lewis
  34. Helping others
  35. The Village Church
  36. Getting not spam email
  37. Losing weight
  38. Praying
  39. Laughing (who doesn't love laughing?!)
  40. New car smell
  41. The Soup
  42. Bubble baths
  43. Text messaging
  44. Photoshop
  45. Getting my hair did
  46. Playdates
  47. Dallas, TX
  48. Baking
  49. Travel size stuff- it's so cute
  50. What Kadence has brought to our lives; it's indescribable- there needs to be a word stronger than LOVE for it.

Well, this was fun. You should steal this idea too. It has definitely helped brighten my day!! :)