Tuesday, July 15, 2008

99 Days to go!

I am in shock. According to my pregnancy tickers, there are allegedly 99 days until we meet our little one. I cannot believe this day is here. I never thought I'd be "this" pregnant. It's a wonderful, scary feeling. With each passing day, I love this child more and more. Everything I've endured to get to this point is well worth it. I will be checking on my ticker on throughout the day, amazed that under MY name it says: 99 days to go. That's all. Just had to share.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Saturday night

It's Saturday night, and I'm home alone. My husband had to go help out a friend with a broken down car. I'm happy he's such a great guy and willing to lend a hand, but I'm really tired. I can't sleep now though. So, here I am again. Not much to say. I haven't really gotten into a groove with this blogging thing yet. Sooooo, here's a list of random facts about me:
I only chew 1/2 pieces of gum at a time.
I get a fever before I get on a plane (no idea why).
I believe in Jesus with my whole heart.
My best friend (aside from Luis) lives in North Carolina.
I can fight with Escrima sticks.
I don't have a "style" of dress...I just wear what I like; sometimes it's preppy, trendy, bummy, all depends on my mood.
I am the middle child.
I love Havarti cheese and Kashi crackers.
I watch Sabrina, the teenage witch.
I lose sunglasses all the time.

The end. :)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Well, Hello

Who's going to read this? Who cares. I'm just bored out of my mind today, and decided this would help pass the time. Sometimes, I have things to, not so much. I'll just "introduce" myself to the online world. I'm Myndee. I'm 27...wait, 28 years old. Currently, my husband, Luis and I are expecting our first child. I work for a university and love what I do. Luis and I both enjoy photography, but he'll be making it a full time job soon. For me, it will be a "paid hobby".

Our life is pretty simple and boring..though we do have our drama filled days. I'll save those for another time though.

This pregnancy has been rather difficult on my body. I am grateful to be pregnant. My first pregnancy ended in a loss, so trust me, I'm extremely thankful for every day I spend with this child. However, it has been hard. I will be complaining about things from time to time, but I'm always thankful and blessed to be pregnant.

Okay, enough for now.