Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A half pound

That's how much lighter I am this week. I don't know what I expected to see when I got on the scale, but I'm mildly pleased that it wasn't higher, and I'm motivated to lose even more than that next week. I'll recap my high and low points of the past week now. I worked out 4 times (5 if you count today) since last week. I go to the gym on my lunch hour and use the elliptical. Then, I do some crunches. I'm increasing the intensity of the workout, but I don't feel like I'm really "pushing myself"; I'll have to work on that. I'd like to commit some time at home to working out as well. Luis got me an awesome stand up punching bag for my birthday, and I've yet to use it. I've also been drinking tons of water. So much so that I convinced myself I must be pregnant because I'm peeing so much!! I'm not though. Now, my downfalls- I went to a friend's house and she had a coke sitting on her coffee table. I wanted water, but when she offered me a coke, I just couldn't resist. It was SO yummy. I think the Mormon's are onto something when they classify caffine as a drug. Anyway, I didn't feel too badly about it because it was my only slip up thus far. This next one though, yea, I feel guilty about...good, I won't do it again guilt; not, I made myself throwup over it guilt! I ate a cupcake. I know that doesn't sound too bad, but picture this- a regular sized brownie flavored cake topped with mounds of peanut butter frosting, with reeses pieces mixed in! Now, wipe the drool from your face and see how bad that was for me- a "dieter" to indulge in. I'm sure that cupcake had more calories than I consumed all week! I'm getting past it and inching toward my goal of 125lbs. At this rate, I'll get there in a year...time to step it up!

My goal for this coming week will be to not cheat- at all. I'm allowing myself one 100 calorie snack per day- today it was smartfood popcorn. I can't give in to the shiny red cans, as tempting as they may be. Also, I'd like to work out at least two or three times at home, in addition to the gym.

Here's hoping to see more results next week!

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The Heards said...

Ok, I am a bad influence. When we hang out again, I promise to make you stick to your diet!