Sunday, May 9, 2010

I don't want to be the girl who cried labor, but...

Either this is it or I'm cuh-razy. Since around 8:30pm, after my also very pregnant friend Ashley and I downed couple labor cookies I noticed a painful contraction...more painful than the ones in my previous entries. We laughed it off and joked about the labor cookies working. I had maybe 2 more over the next hour. I definitely noticed the severity of them, but they were very spaced out. Through the night (it's 2:15am now), I've had stronger ones, and I've began to lose my mucus plug (gross, I know). They are still sporadic and far apart, except the last two; those were only 10 minutes apart. I am so hesitant to say that this could be early labor, but these contractions are not messing around. I mean, I feel stupid thinking the other ones during my "false labors" were painful; these contractions kick those contractions asses!!

So, I know I should sleep, but I'm too excited/terrified to do so. Luis is cleaning up the kitchen. He wants to make sure everything is in order for the babysitter. I guess he got the nesting instinct, because I'm blogging and about to go finish watching couples retreat. OMG_---------contractionnnnnnnnn.........I cannot believe how much it hurts. Okay, that's 3 in a row, 10 minutes apart. Holy crap, this really could be it. I will update later.

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