Thursday, May 6, 2010

False labor #2

Wow, seriously? Does this happen? Just over a week ago, I had false labor. For about 4 hours, I thought for sure I was in real labor, then it just stopped. At least I didn't call the doula and the sitter...that time. Last night, I started having regular contractions around 7:30. I didn't think anything at first, but then they kept coming and were stronger than before. I sat, walked, showered, drank water...nothing stopped them. So, we called the doula and the sitter. Our wonderful sitter had to arrange care for her grandson so she could come over, and I'm not sure if my phone call affected the doula's plans or not. I hope not. Anyway, the sitter arrived at 10:30ish, and we waited around to see if things would pick up..they didn't, but they didn't slow down either. Around 12:30am, I figured I should go get checked. I mean, being already 3cm dilated, who knew if this could turn from maybe to me pushing a baby out in the car in a matter of minutes, haha. I got hooked up to the monitors and they observed me and check me. No new progress, and wouldn't ya know, my contractions started to space out once we got there. Of course they did. I felt like a person who's car was acting up- when you bring it to the mechanic, it's fine. The docs did say I made the right decision, but who knows if they were just trying to make me feel like less of an ass. I mean, this is my second child. I've "been there done that". I should know better!!

Of course, I felt disappointed that we weren't going to meet our new baby last night, but I mostly felt bad for our sitter and doula. Man, when they say every pregnancy is different, "they" are right!! No false labor, no progress, and bam, Kadence is born. This time, false labor, dilating, more false labor, yet no baby. I hope he/she got the memo though- Luis is done with the semester and I'm just wrapping up the busy time at work. Soooooo, feel free to come and meet us any day now!! :)

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Jessica said...

I didn't know you had a blog! YAY! I love added blogs to my list. :) With my luck we'll finally get pregnant with a boy and change our minds on the name, haha