Monday, April 26, 2010


I've always thought it adorable when toddlers make up words or use their limited reasoning skills to define things. For example, my neice used to call brocolli "trees", and a girl I used to babysit would call Ketchup "red mustard". Never until I had my own child though, did I realize the extent of Toddlereeze. Kadence is a very good communicator. She says tons of words spot on and in context- really, too many to list. I will say that she can use "yea" and "okay" interchangably, as well as Hi, Hello, and Hola. There are a few words that just shock me. I realize now that she makes up her own words or pronounces things incorrectly because she has not yet learned to say the Sssss or Fffff sound. In my head, that would mean instead of cereal, she should say "tereal" or something like that. Nope, she says "Goo-la". She knows what it is, she recognizes it, but to her, it is goo-la. Same goes for shower. I'd guess "bower" or something. Her word: Lapole. It's funny too, the way she says it sounds like a Spanish word or something, but I asked Luis, it's not. She does just leave off the "s" for a few "please" is "pea". It's truly amazing to watch someone learn to speak, and learn to have little conversations even. I'm so blessed to be her mommy- even if she is forcing me to learn a new language! :)

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