Monday, September 14, 2009

When all isn't "perfect"

I'm sure many people hear their child described this way, but all too often, people tell me that Kadence is perfect. I feel that way too, of course. She's funny, cute, and a delight to be around. Recently though, we found out she has Hypothyroidism. It's where your thyroid doesn't produce a hormone that helps regulate your metabolism. We found out because the doctors ran tests due to her not gaining weight. They called it "Failure to thrive", which really made me feel awful. While it's something that may be lifelong, it seems relatively easy to treat. One friend who's daughter suffers with the same condition said, "A pill a day, and you'll be okay." If it were me, I'd take the pill and that would be the end of it. It's not me though, it's my baby. I needed to research this disease and all the possible causes and treatment options available. There are a couple, but the treatment she is on seems the most widely accepted course of action. We'll see a specialist next month to determine if we need to make changes. For now, I'm just continuing to research possible causes of hypothyroidism. Also, I'm trying to learn things we can do at home to help her condition...I read that cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli and cauliflower aren't good for someone with hypothyroidism. I still have a lot to learn. It's overwhelming and very hard to accept that my perfect little baby has a problem. I'm thankful to God that it's something treatable, and I pray that He will allow her to grow out of it. I guess I'll ask here too- if any of you guys know anything about hypothyroidism and possible treatments, please let me know. Also, if you have some spare prayers, please pray that she continues to do well with treatment AND that she grows out of it! Thanks. :)


Caroline said...

You are a wonderful mama. I think it is so wise of you to research this disease so you have every ounce of information that you can possibly have for Miss K. I don't have any info, but a friend of mine has this, so I will try and remember to email her and see if she has any tips for you.

Scottish Twins said...

Praying for perfect little K :)


Haley said...

I had a Hyperthyroid. When I was 18 I had to have a treatment to get rid of my thyroid altogether. It took some major adjusting while they were trying to regulate my levels again but overall I am much better. I take a pill everyday and they check my levels every few months. It was most critical when I was pregnant b/c your levels change around so much. She will learn what it feels like when her levels may be off. For me...I feel like I could sleep for weeks and still not have enough sleep. If you haven any other questions please feel free to email me.

Olivia said...

I'll say a prayer she grows out of it. Even though it is treatable I'm sure it's still stressful for you.