Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I don't want to forget this feeling

Tonight, as part of a class assignment, we went to a soup kitchen type place to help feed and serve the homeless. It changed my life. I've helped people before to an extent, I like to think of myself as a "good person". But truly, I've never gone so far out of my comfort zone before. I loved it. I loved being able to make a teeny difference in someone's life. I loved knowing that I was helping people whom God created and loves as well. I also felt bad that I don't do things like this regularly. I pray for people, and while I feel that is very important, I often turn a blind eye to the needs of people in my own city. More than feeling good and bad at the same time, I was in awe of the woman who does this regularly. Loretta. She is a southern lady with a tough exterior and a big heart. She daily prepares four meals for the people, instructs the volunteers, then goes to the women's shelter across the way to help them. She does this because of her love and devotion to God and his people. She doesn't get paid, and from what I can tell, hardly gets appreciated. I want my life to be more like hers. Of course, I can't do exactly what she's doing, but I can help. I have gifts and talents that could be of great use there. For instance, I'm pretty pushy (in a good way) when I'm passionate about something, and let me tell you, a fire has been lit. Since the organization runs strictly off donations and volunteers, I'm going to get people to donate things, money, and their time. I'm hoping to really help get these people plenty of meals and volunteers, even possibly a dishwasher so they can save money and stop using paper products. I plan to contact restaurants, local businesses, churches, and even the school I attend to try to encourage other teachers to take their classes to the mission. I know I can do this; I put together a fundraiser for my nephew which was a huge success. If you have any tips or anything though, please let me know. I'm writing this out to remind myself not to let this feeling pass. I don't want to remember this as a one time thing. I want it to be the beginning.

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