Thursday, February 18, 2010

A not so quick recap's been forEVER since I've written. Whenever I feel motivated to write, I can't find the time, and when I have the time, I have nothing to say. So, I'll try to give a quick recap of the past couple months of our lives:
  • Christmas was great. We didn't do adult gifts, only kids. I like it better that way. Kadence got a lot of great things, but thankfully, not too much considering the size of our house and our new addition due in May.
  • Speaking of, we had our "big" ultrasound a few days after Christmas and were able to hold out and stay on team green. We also learned that everything looks perfect with this little baby. If you want to take a guess as to when the baby will be born and what the gender is, go to and type in "gameforbaby2" as the game title. The winner will receive a big fat congrats AND bragging rights. :)
  • New Year's was awesome! Some family came in from Texas, and Kadence loved loved loved the fireworks. I thought for sure they would scare her, but no, she was thrilled to see all the lights in the sky. She even made it all the way to midnight...and then some, haha.
  • Luis turned 29 on January 11. We met up for dinner with family. We all chipped in and got him an ipod touch. He's nice and cracked out on it now, which is good because he doesn't give me as much crap for being online!
  • In early Februrary, our little Kadence grew up. She finally stopped taking a bottle. She was down to one a day for quite a while, and one evening, we replaced it with a cup. She didn't care and doesn't miss her bottles. They were just a means to an end for her. She's still taking her pacifier, and judge me all you want, I'm in no rush to take it from her. It's comforting to her, and with the new baby coming, I want her to have a comfort measure for herself. So, I'll likely be that mom with a 2+ year old who still takes a paci. Oh, well. At least she only has it for naps and bedtime.
  • THE SAINTS WON THE SUPERBOWL!! We taught Kadence to say "Who Dat!", but she says it like a question..."Who da?"...too cute!
  • We got and spent most all of our tax return already. Normally, we save any extra money we get or pay off bills...not so much this time. We got things we needed: a bed, photography equipment, a toddler bed for Kadence, a bunch of random stuff for her and the new baby, oh yes, and a beautiful new wedding set for Myndee!! Okay, we didn't need all of that, but it's nice to have, and we still were able to save some money. Were we totally responsible? No. Did we have tons of fun? YES!!
  • I switched to a new OB in the same practice. I liked my other OB, but the more I talked to her about med free, little to no intervention childbirth, the more she seemed to dig her heels in. I'm not sure why, but for some reason, I got the impression that she didn't want me to go without meds...which is very strange considering she gave birth 4 or 5 times without an epidural. Ah, well. My new doctor is a perfect fit for me! I really cannot say enough good things about her.
  • Just the other day, Kadence had her very first stomach virus. Poor baby. It only lasted about a day, and she was a trooper. Then, it was my turn. Horrible. I think I lost weight from throwing up so much. I actually had to go to the hospital to be treated for dehydration- apparently, that can cause pre-term labor, so it's a good thing I went in. I'm fine now, and thank God, Luis didn't catch it.

And breathe. That's about all for now. I'll try harder to keep up with this. I want to look back on this stuff one day and remember all these things and feelings I share on here. Actually, I think I read somewhere that you can turn your blog into a book...maybe I'll do that.

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Jeremy and Mindy said...

what a fun recap!