Monday, November 2, 2009

Walking and Talking and Teething, Oh my!

My baby is quickly approaching full on toddler-hood. I love it! She says lots of words now, including but not limited to, Mama, Dada, HI, No, Jack (a friend), Lily (a stuffed animal friend), Cat, Bye bye, Map, and Backpack- thank you Dora the Explorer. She also laughs when others around her laugh. It's so cute! I feel like she learns something new every second! I hate that I'm typing this from work missing out. This weekend, she took her very first steps! She took two steps on two separate occasions. Thankfully, I got to see her first official step, but Luis called today to tell me she took 10 steps in a row this afternoon!! Before we know it, we're going to be chasing her around the house. Another milestone she's finally reaching- teething. Because of her hypothyroidism, she basically stopped growing for about two months, that includes her teeth. So, now, at 13 months, she has the tiniest sliver of a tooth coming in. Poor baby, it looks like she's going to get a lot of teeth over the next few weeks. Her gums are swollen and white. While it may be tough on her, on all of us, if she gets them all in a short period of time it will be over faster.

I am so proud of my baby. It's hard to believe that just a year ago, she was so tiny and couldn't do a thing for herself. It's been amazing, truly a blessing from God to be able to watch her grow.

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