Sunday, December 21, 2008

This suuuuuuuuuucks

When I was pregnant, I developed gallstones. They were so painful, but thank God, I was able to modify my diet and avoid any problems...
until now. I'm glad I didn't have to have surgery when I was pregnant, but a few weeks ago, I started having attacks nearly every day. The pain was unbearable. I cried, threw up, begged God to take the pain away, and even considered removing my gallbladder with my bare hands. I met with a surgeon and had the procedure done a few days ago. I was so concerned with my mortality. I wrote a letter to my husband for "if I died", and I shed some tears over the possibility of not being here to see my daughter grow up. Obviously, I came through. It was a simple operation, I kind of knew I'd be okay, but having an infant at home really changes the way you handle things.

Anyway, the surgery went fine, but the next day I was bleeding more than I should've been. My great friend Valerie took me to the doctor. By the time I arrived, I looked as though I had been shot in the stomach..literally. Apparently, one of my incisions opened up. The arrogant jerk resident, also known as Dr. Roddenberry (however you spell that), attempted to fix me, while hurting me and being incredibly rude. Nice, huh. I get home, and wouldn't you know, two hours later I'm bleeding all over the place again!! I called the Dr.'s office to let them know the situation and that I was coming back in and did not want to see the resident again. The actual doctor who performed the surgery worked on my this time. I had to go into a minor operating room, and he numbed me really good (thank God!!), and went to work. He poked and prodded and tugged.. at one point, I smelled burning flesh from the cauterization. This time it stayed closed. Unfortunately, it's as if I had two operations in two days. I still feel really sore, hence the title of this blog. That is all. Just wanted to vent. Hopefully, my next entry will be much more chipper. Merry Christmas everyone (or anyone??).


jebs_girl said...

Hi! I've been wondering how things have been going. I haven't see you on the Nest or seen you update your blog in awhile.

I'm sorry you aren't doing so well after your surgery. It makes things so much harder to recover.

Merry Christmas to you!!

Stephanie said...

Oh my! What a hard and horrible way to spend the Christmas season! Some doctors just completely lack "bedside manner"...

I hope you're completely healed up and pain-free now.