Saturday, June 20, 2009

My baby can READ!

No, not really. She's only 8 1/2 months! I do have to share all the new things she can do though. In the past month, she has gone from baby to nearly a toddler- it's crazy. In mid May, she finally started rolling over, which eased my mind tremendously. I was beginning to think something was wrong with her, haha. Shortly thereafter, and I mean within days, she began to crawl. I think I figured her out- she didn't roll because there was no purpose. Now, rolling from her back to her belly meant she could get up and go. She wasn't behind, she knew that rolling around would be pointless if she couldn't do anything with that. Things just started to snoball after that. She started pulling up on things; by things, I mean everything. She began to cruise along the sofa and "walk" around her activity table. She's now little miss mobile, but again, only when it suits her. She won't just crawl ma'am. She needs to lock eyes with something she wants, usually something she shouldn't have, like the cord to my cell phone charger, and she's on the go.

Aside from those leaps and bounds that she's grown, she has started doing other things- like clapping. I was at a coffee shop with her and a friend, when all of a sudden, she started clapping. I had no idea this was coming. I used to look up all the developmental milestones, but got lazy. I was shocked. We clap and say "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY" to her all the time. She's like a rock star in our house. I just, I don't know, I just didn't expect her to do this yet. It is beyond cute. She even claps in context now- after she picks something up or when someone says "Yaaaaaaaaay". About a week after she started clapping, she did something even more incredible- she waved! She freaking waved! Again, I am floored by these milestones. I had no clue when to expect them, and still don't. She could be months behind for all I know! I am thrilled either way. She likes to show people her tricks too. She'll wave and clap for strangers at the store, and sometimes do it on command, but she's certainly letting me know that she is not my puppet. Now, I don't want to give K too much credit, but I *think* she can blow kisses as well. It doesn't look like she's blowing a kiss. She just kind of opens her mouth, but she makes the "mwah" sound, and she does it after we blow her a kiss. Such a sweet baby genius! :)


Luis Corkern said...

She's awesome

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