Friday, March 27, 2009

Have I told you already that I love Jesus?

I don't know if I've discussed that before on here. It's no secret in my life, but I don't know if the whole online world (or the 3 of you reading this) know that about me. I wasn't always a believer, so if you already want to stop reading this, I understand.
For me, God has been a wonderful savior, best friend, and awesome leader. If it had not been for Him, I truly would not be here today. I grew up thinking God loved everyone but me, which, in my opinion, is a worse fate than not believing at all. Much of my life I felt rejected by many, especially God. Hey, maybe that's why I don't worry so much what people think of me now.
Anyway, I really just wanted to post this to give credit to my God for working in my life. We've gone through some major events the past couple years: pregnancy, miscarriage, pregnancy, birth of a child, Luis staying home, me returning to work, Luis switching schools, raising a baby, moving, dealing with things that should have been addressed years ago, etc. We've been extraordinarily blessed, even through tough times, and I attribute that to God. So, I kinda just wanted to "publicly" thank Him for it. I guess that's all. Carry on now. :)


Jeremy and Mindy said...

I'm with ya girl, I think that's awesome that you give glory and praise to Him =)
I, too, am a Christian and I love my Lord, He is my rock.
Good post today, thanks for the reminder of who and what God is in our lives.

jebs_girl said...

Good for you! Thank you for sharing. It is amazing what you can accomplish with God in your life. I wonder though why you felt God didn't love you when you were younger. Maybe another post?

jebs_girl said...

Yes you can e-mail me. My e-mail address is