Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Baby C is HUGE! According to their measurments, I'm measuring at 37 weeks! I'm barely 35 weeks though. The weight is like 6 and a half pounds or a little more. Everything was measuring bigger. They said he/she was in the 86th percentile for where we are...anything between 10 and 90% and they don't change the due date, but over 90 and they do. I'm pretty darn close to having my due date moved up. Honestly, I never pictured Luis and I having a large baby.. at all. I mean, I was 6lbs 15oz at birth, and I know Luis was smaller too. But, my dad is 6'3" or so, and Luis' uncles are all kinda big guys..not huge, but kinda big. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but I highly doubt I'll go past my due date. The doctor wants me to come back in 4 weeks for another ultrasound "IF I havent' delivered" and she emphasized "if". 4 weeks is October 14th...that's a week earlier than my original due date, and the u/s doc doesn't really think I'll make it that far! More cool news: we got a 3D ultrasound at the end! Luis told the u/s doc that she said we could get one last time. She's like, "Oh, I did..okay..Jennifer, get it hooked up and do it when I'm done." The thing is, she didn't say that! Luis was half kidding around with her, but when she said do it, we weren't arguing..neither was the tech. She wanted to do one, but she hardly ever gets to. Luis told her the truth and she laughed! I really enjoyed seeing the baby like that. We only got to see it's face, but it was such a perfect little face with chubby cheeks! I'm so in love.

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